Our Story

Biogold Agri Ltd.

We are a family business founded by Tom Barry in 1995 and incorporated in 2014. The history of food production runs back through seven generations of our family farm at Monanimy Upper. Initially, organic butter was produced here. The original building where butter was industrially churned still stands at the centre of our premises. Interestingly, the name of the townland where we are situated, Monanimy, reflects its importance in quality food production. Monanimy is the English translation of the original Irish (Gaelic) name ‘Moin an Ime’, ‘Ime’ being the Irish for butter.

In 1995, we began storing beet pulp for the Irish sugar industry and shortly thereafter commenced grain drying for Dairygold Co Op. Over the years, we expanded to meet the growing demands of the Irish agricultural industry. Biogold Agri’s continued investment over a quarter of a century has created a top-class facility which now serves the requirements of the large Co Operatives and PLCs in the south of Ireland.

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Our ethos

At Biogold Agri we are committed to providing the best service possible to our clients and delivering that service in a time efficient and friendly manner. We are specialists in grain drying and storage. We strive to facilitate farmers and contractors to get their crops harvested in peak condition. Biogold Agri continues to put a strong value on its reputation of delivering a top quality service to our clients. We are a solution focused business, committed to providing value for money while integrating seamlessly with our business partners. Biogold Agri has built a reputation for trust worthiness and honesty which is at the core of our business values.


Biogold Agri is registered with the Irish Department of Agriculture for the following activities:




Registration number IE236514

Biogold Agri is registered and audited by the Irish Grain and Feed Association ( IGAS ) for quality control and standards relating to grain assembly and storage at Killavullen.

Our weighbridges are certified by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI)

Our Managing Director, Mr Tom Barry BSc (Hons), is also a trained professional pest controller registered with the Department of Agriculture.


Protecting our environment

At Biogold Agri, we take our responsibility toward the environment seriously. We have landscaped our premises with native Irish trees. We are currently replacing all lighting with energy efficient LED lights.

In 2017, we designed and fitted a novel method of industrial grain drying using produced locally biomass. This has replaced fossil fuels directly and greatly reduces our carbon footprint. We can now offer clients the opportunity to dry their grain in a carbon neutral way. This ground-breaking technology won the Innovation award at the Cork Summer show in 2019.

Biogold Agri is the leading provider of grain drying and bulk storage.
We provide solutions for your business.