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Tom Barry Farms

Tom Barry Farms is a tillage farming operation producing top quality barley, wheat, oats and beans since 1991. All our farms are in the Blackwater valley of Munster. The temperate maritime climate of the Blackwater valley, containing rich limestone soils, along with the proximity of the Atlantic ocean and the influence of the gulf stream provide the ideal precipitation needed for healthy plant growth. This beautiful environment is the first of our three pillars to sustainable family farming.

All the crops we set are GM free and very suitable for our climate. The cereal crops we grow have an extremely high density and develop a long healthy head of grains. The long ripening period further ensures that all our grains fill optimally. Winter beans have proved highly successful and offer a valuable break crop in our crop rotation. High yields are the second of our three pillars to sustainable family farming.

Each year we apply organic manure from our local piggeries to replenish and enhance the organic matter in our soil. This soil management is increasing the soil organic carbon we store in our soils and enables us to achieve the highest grain yields in Europe. Low carbon footprint is the third of our three pillars to sustainable family farming.

We soil sample regularly and monitor each field individually. Plant agronomy is hugely important and along with our own trained staff, we partner with trained agronomists to achieve our yield potential. Our method of crop establishment is conventional tillage where we plough, till and set our own seed.


Tom Barry Farms has offered a seed dressing service for many years. The right of farmers to save their own seed, known as the ‘farmer’s privilege’, is long established, and is protected by Irish and EU law. We are registered by the Plant Variety Development Office whose role is the collection of royalties on farm saved seed as directed by (SI) No. 273/2007.

Home saved seed has many advantages including availability of seed, a cost saving, guaranteed no imported grassweeds such as blackgrass which is hugely problematic in the United Kingdom.

We dress your own grain to order and bag it into 500 Kg units.

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