All the products sold by Biogold Agri Ltd are grown in partnership with Tom Barry Farms. All the crops grown on Tom Barry Farms are GM free and are produced in a sustainable fashion.


The winter barley we sell is top quality two row varieties delivering excellent bushel. This product is ideal for piggeries and livestock.


The wheat we sell follows winter beans in rotation and is ideal for piggeries and poultry.


The Blackwater valley in Munster has always been renowned for quality oat production. The limestone pavement beneath the rich; free draining soils deliver a high bushel white coloured grain. This is a superb feed for horses.

Clipped and cleaned oats

We take the best quality oats each year and ‘clip and clean’ it. This removes any hulls, dust and impurities resulting in the highest quality oats available. The Oats produced here in the Blackwater valley is naturally enhanced given the rich limestone soils and the influence of the Gulf stream on our temperate maritime climate.


We sell a large sized winter bean of top-quality, high in protein and ideal for rolling. Our customers are assured that they can assemble a balanced feed high in protein and guaranteed Irish. Our beans are GM free, herbicide free, traceable and sustainable.

Rolled Grain

We roll grain daily to match requirements of our customers. We also roll grain which is delivered to us. Our grain roller is built using solid chilled rolls. These rolls deliver a consistent rolled product every time.

Pay for a product

For current availability and price list, please contact or phone the office at +353(0) 22 26800.

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