Precise Stock Control

Stock control is at the heart of our business. We have built a reputation of accurate stock analysis. We calculate daily the stocks for our clients and give a detailed analysis of all stock movements. These stocks are emailed daily to our clients, or our clients can view their stocks on our website. Some of our larger clients require real time stock analysis linked to their own internal stock software which is also available via our strong Wi fi connection.

All loads entering and leaving the premises are weighed on our certified weighbridges and a representative sample is taken and stored for up to twelve months. Incoming grain stocks are tested for moisture, bushel, screenings and protein at harvest time. Our weighbridge dockets provide full traceability and accountability which lies at the heart of what we do.

We monitor all stock continually and each store is checked and logged weekly.

We stand over our agreed stock totals with our clients. This gives our clients peace of mind and surety of their assets. Clients are advised to insure their stock or avail of a joint insurance with Biogold Agri through our Insurance agents.

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