Grain cleaning

Biogold Agri we clean any grain to your specification

In line with the exacting standards of grain quality required for the brewing and distilling industries, Biogold Agri cleans grain by removing dust and small grains and delivers clean grain to the required specification. We also clean oats for the equine and porridge industry. Our reciprocating cleaners are designed to clean a wide variety of grains and seeds quickly and precisely.

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Our grain cleaning equipment

At Biogold Agri, we have three rotary drum cleaners and aspirators for primary cleaning which remove any large objects such as stones or twigs at intake.

We perform secondary and fine cleaning using two reciprocating cleaners linked to aspirators and cyclones which provide cleaning capacities of up to 30 tonnes per hour.

Biogold Agri is the leading provider of grain drying and bulk storage.
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